A BLVD Christmas: We Are Christmas! Featuring Anthony Hamilton

By Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church (other events)

Friday, December 8 2023 7:00 PM 9:30 PM CDT

Experience the Wonder of A BLVD Christmas: "We Are Christmas"

Step into a world of musical wonder this holiday season as The BLVD proudly presents "We Are Christmas" – an extraordinary concert that will transport you to a realm of joyful melodies and festive celebration. With an all-star lineup, including the renowned and Grammy award winning artist, Anthony Hamilton, The BLVD Sanctuary Choir & Orchestra, and an array of exceptional guest artists, this event promises an unforgettable evening that will leave you inspired and filled with the spirit of Christmas.

A Symphony of Musical Brilliance: Prepare to be captivated by the soulful sounds of Anthony Hamilton, a Grammy®-winning artist whose resonating voice will infuse the holiday classics with a touch of timeless elegance. As he graces the stage, his performances will create an atmosphere that radiates warmth and holiday cheer.

Celebrating Choir and Orchestra Excellence: The heart and soul of "We Are Christmas" reside in The BLVD Sanctuary Choir & Orchestra, whose harmonious blend of voices and orchestral melodies will create a symphony of sound that celebrates the true essence of the season. Led by our new Minister of Music and the Arts, Gerald Lee Ricks, their collective talent will take you on a musical journey of faith and community.

Guest Artists Illuminate the Stage: Adding an extra layer of magic to the evening are guest artists Chantae Cann, David Edwards, Timothy Miller, &  Jonte Mayon. Their exceptional voices and captivating performances will weave a tapestry of emotion and joy, making "We Are Christmas" a truly immersive experience.

A Night of Celebration and Unity: Join us in celebrating the unity of voices, the power of music, and the spirit of giving. As we gather under the leadership of our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. J. Lawrence Turner and First Lady Brigett Turner, "We Are Christmas!" becomes more than just a concert – it's a journey of faith, community, and shared joy.

The BLVD Giving Tree Initiative: In the spirit of Christmas, your ticket purchase supports our BLVD Giving Tree and families across the metro Memphis area. 

This holiday season, let your heart be stirred by the harmonies of the season, the grace of the artists, and the warmth of the BLVD Giving Tree initiative. Purchase your tickets now and be part of an evening that celebrates the magic of Christmas and the artistry of our incredible performers.

Let us gather as one, celebrating the wonder of Christmas, unity, and the joy of giving. See you at The BLVD!




We are excited to welcome you to the "We Are Christmas" concert at The BLVD! To ensure a pleasant experience for all attendees and to maintain the safety and enjoyment of the event, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following guidelines regarding restricted items and concert etiquette.

Restricted Items:

Outside Food and Beverages: For the comfort of all guests, outside food and beverages are not permitted inside the concert venue. Refreshments may be available for purchase at designated areas.

Large Bags and Backpacks: To facilitate security procedures, avoid bringing large bags and backpacks. Smaller purses and clutches are allowed, but all bags are subject to inspection.

Laser Pointers and Flashlights: For the safety and consideration of performers and fellow audience members, the use of laser pointers and flashlights during the concert is prohibited.

Weapons and Hazardous Items: Possession of weapons, sharp objects, fireworks, explosives, or any other hazardous items is strictly prohibited within the concert venue.

Professional Cameras and Recording Equipment: The use of professional cameras, video recording equipment, and audio recording devices is not allowed without prior authorization from event organizers.

Disruptive Devices: Noise-making devices, including air horns, whistles, and similar items, are not permitted inside the concert venue.

Unauthorized Merchandise: Unauthorized sale of merchandise, including unauthorized event merchandise, is not allowed within the concert premises.

Signs and Banners: Signs and banners that obstruct the view of other attendees or disrupt the performance are not permitted inside the concert venue.

Smoke Free Facility:  Smoking, vaping, use of tobacco and any illegal drugs is prohibted on and at the event premises

Concert Etiquette:

Respectful Behavior: Please be considerate of fellow attendees, performers, and staff by maintaining a respectful and courteous demeanor throughout the event.

Electronic Devices: To minimize distractions, please set electronic devices to silent mode and refrain from talking on phones during the performance.

Stay Seated: While standing and dancing are encouraged during lively performances, we ask that you remain seated during more intimate and acoustic segments to avoid obstructing the view of others.

Applause and Cheers: Feel free to show your enthusiasm through applause and cheers, but please be mindful of the volume level to ensure everyone can enjoy the performance.

Follow Staff Instructions: Follow the instructions of event staff and ushers for seating, safety, and any other guidance throughout the event.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Your adherence to these guidelines will help us create a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone attending "We Are Christmas." Let's celebrate the spirit of the season together with joy and harmony.

See you at the concert!


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